JAS Business consulting core fundamentals have been MARKET SEGMENTATION that is the core for generating profits for any company. Segment marketing = Identifying key sectors, understanding their needs and serving them better which can further help you to add on your segments and expand your growth level. This will Boost their turnover and provide 100% Return on investment. Segment Marketing is important to stay ahead whether you are a start-up company, want to move to the next level, or those who want to expand or diversify.

Although it is not possible to satisfy individual needs and understand all of them, but clearly defined market segmentation will help to create a market to cater to groups of individuals that will make economic sense. By Market Segmentation you can formulate unique marketing programs, Locate new markets, cut down on expenses, Improve Cash flow, Productivity, manufacturing quality, service delivery, working condition, market share and competitive position in your respective market.

All this will help to save us from the hits of recession and it will not be recession it will just remain punctuation. In Short, you might not be able to grow your company by just marketing, but be assured you will need segment marketing to keep it growing.